Campaign Plan

A campaign plan is a series of major operations and efforts across the joint, interagency and multinational spectrums aimed at achieving strategic and operational objectives in a defined time and space. It provides the framework that directs all current and future operations.

It is it important that United States Army Central implements this new campaign plan. Every organization has to assess itself and decide if the direction it is headed is the direction that should be continued. USARCENT leadership determined it needs to make some adjustments to the direction we are headed and we will accomplish this by implementing a new campaign plan.

USARCENT has successfully transitioned physically from Fort McPherson, Ga. to Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., and must now transition to a new mindset. We must be able to anticipate and adapt to our changing operational environment, which includes the Middle East. It is critical we be prepared to be more than just a logistical headquarters, but a warfighting one as well. We will be the ones U.S Central Command or the Department of the Army calls on to be the Team of Teams to accomplish the complex missions in the Middle East. This new campaign plan helps focus on our new objectives and is and will be an avenue to reach our end state. USARCENT’s efforts in the Middle East are key to our diplomacy in the Middle East as USARCENT is a key player in U.S. Foreign policy.

COMMANDER'S INTENT: USARCENT remains relevant to the Army and USCENTCOM by being ready for known and unanticipated requirements, while also adapting to meet the demands for changing regional and U.S. domestic environments.  I intend to do this by focusing on the following Lines of Effort (LOEs): Transition Afghanistan, Set-the-Theater, Shape, Unified Land Operations, and Enhance the Force.


TRANSITION AFGHANISTAN: USARCENT has executed a strategy focused on security and political transition in Afghanistan and has postured forces for an enduring, regional partnership with Central and South Asian states in accordance with assigned administrative control and operational roles/responsibilities.

SET-THE-THEATER: USARCENT has postured assigned theater enabling commands, allocated forward stationed forces,  APS, and required infrastructure capacity  that contribute to preventing conflict; and if required, is trained, ready, and available to rapidly respond to a crisis, receive and integrate deploying apportioned forces, and fight and win in conflict as part of a joint and combined force.

SHAPE: USARCENT, through Security Cooperation activities with partner nations through assigned, allocated, and SRCA forces, has established, revitalized, or strengthened partnerships throughout the AOR that contributed to the improvement of U.S. access, basing, and permissions while increasing our partner nation interoperability, capability, and relationship with the U.S. Army.

UNIFIED LAND OPERATIONS: USARCENT has identified  and implemented an appropriate Mission Command structure to manage a combined theater land force that gains and maintains a position of advantage in the region and retains the flexibility to prevent or deter conflict or prevail in combat in the USCENTCOM  AOR.

ENHANCE THE FORCE: USARCENT has Ready and Resilient personnel and Army Forces capable of meeting the Combatant Commander’s requirements across the range of military operations.


END STATE: USARCENT forward stationed capabilities are retained in theater and contribute to regional stability and security, reduce the influence of malign actors, and protect vital U.S. interests in the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility.