U.S. Army Central Fact Sheet

United States Army Central
USARCENT, Chief of Public Affairs

Tel: (803) 885-7480, e-mail:usarmy.shaw.usarcent.mbx.public-affairs@mail.mil

U.S. Army Central

We are America’s land force professionals; experts in the Middle East and Central Asia. Resident in the Middle East for more than 20 years and hardened by leading a decade of combat, we shape the regional environment to build partner capabilities and capacity, reassure friends, deter threats to security and ensure prosperity through the free flow of commerce.

We consist of approximately 1,300 assigned Soldiers at our main command post on Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. and our operational command post on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, with a further 15,000 Soldiers in units forward, including the 1st Theater Support Command. The area of operations stretches from Central Asia to the Middle East, encompassing 12 million square kilometers (1½ times larger than the continental U.S.), with 540 million people in 20 countries, speaking 60 languages, and practicing 27 religions.

The doctrinal name for the Army Service Component Command (ASCC) of a geographic combatant command is “theater army.” U.S. Army Central is the Army component of U.S Central Command (CENTCOM) as well as CENTCOM’s Coalition Forces Land Component Command responsible for planning, coordinating and employing land forces.

READY: USARCENT is ready tonight to rapidly respond to contingencies in the volatile Middle East and Central Asia. We are continuously developing plans, rehearsing and executing missions, and our deployable Contingency Command Post is able to provide mission command for a joint task force.

SUSTAIN: We sustain the fight by coordinating security and logistics throughout the region and are supporting retrograde operations from Afghanistan—all of the supplies and military equipment to forces in that conflict go through our area. Third Army also provides Army Support to Other Services and acts as executive agent in the CENTCOM area for programs such as the Rest and Recuperation (R&R) program, retrograde operations, joint security coordination operations, defensive cyber operations and detainee operations.

SHAPE: We shape the future every day by working alongside and training with our partners. That is the key to the access the U.S. needs to protect our national security interests. America’s Middle Eastern and Central Asian allies operate side-by-side with us in an array of operations to ensure common capability and common security, including identifying and mitigating transnational threats that affect all our citizens.  We also conduct hundreds of theater security cooperation events across our area of operations including exercises, exchanges, symposiums and seminars.

TRANSITION: USARCENT has experience, training, and forward presence, but we must continue to transition for tomorrow. We are anticipating and adapting to our changing operational environment—including the Arab Spring, resource constraints and changing technologies—by using a campaign plan: a series of major operations and efforts that directs our current and future operations.

As of November 2, 2012