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United States Army Central
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US Army Central (USARCENT) is resourced, postured, and prepared to improve regional security and stability. Our unique combination of land power and Army support prevents confrontation from becoming conflicts, shapes the area of responsibility (AOR) through engagement with partners, and sets conditions to win. Resident in the Middle East for more than 20 years and hardened by leading a decade of combat, we deter potential adversaries, foster and strengthen partnerships, promote burden sharing by allies, and maintain an assured regional presence that demonstrates U.S. resolve and ensures the free flow of commerce.

 We have 1,300 Soldiers assigned to the main command post on Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina and we mission command approximately 20,000 Soldiers throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. Our mission command includes units in North Carolina, Georgia, Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Egypt. The 20-country USARCENT area of operations stretches across 5 time zones from Egypt to Pakistan, an area larger than the continental U.S., home to 550 million people and one of the most volatile regions in the world.

The doctrinal name for the Army Service Component Command of a geographic combatant command is “theater army”. U.S. Army Central, following Third Army’s lineage and honors, is the Army component of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and CENTCOM’s Coalition Forces Land Component Command responsible for planning, coordinating, and employing land forces.

Transition Afghanistan: USARCENT lays the foundations for success as our Afghan partners assume responsibility for protecting and securing their national borders. U.S. Army Central is in the process of downsizing its presence within the Arabian Gulf region. Since the end of operations in Iraq and the projected reductions of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, the reduction of logistics and administrative support is a direct result of the end of operations in Iraq and the projected reductions of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Unified Land Operations: USARCENT leads the way as we work with our sister services and partner nations to ensure stability with in the AOR. Each year we conduct approximately 400 events in 18 partner nations. These events build trust and interoperability, and that gives the US not only military access, but business and cultural access. Every action we take is in some way military support to public diplomacy.

Shape: We shape the international environment through strong military relationships with allies and by building partner capacity. USARCENT has established, revitalized, or strengthened partnerships throughout the area of operations through security cooperation activities increasing out partner nation relationships.

Enhance the Force: USARCENT identifies Army programs which will enhance the readiness and resiliency of all soldiers, families, and civilians regardless of geographical location.

Set the Theater: USARCENT sets conditions to successfully deter aggression and if needed, fight and win against adversaries. As we transition to a leaner, more agile Army we will shape a future force that has the capability and versatility to prevent conflict, shape the environment, and decisively win our nation’s wars. By our presence, we prevent conflict and preserve stability, shape the area to the benefit of America, and posture the US to successfully negotiate future contingencies in the area, making our small forward presence a cost-effective component of US foreign policy.

As of January 13, 2015